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If you’ve paid attention to Virginia Politics over the past few years, you have likely seen a few things; a Republican Party lacking leadership, a Commonwealth with dwindling opportunity, and continued Republican losses, but I believe it’s the best time in a generation to be a Republican in Virginia.

There are more opportunities here right now than most of us have ever seen. Opportunities to lead, opportunities to share our message with new people and engage a new base, and most importantly, opportunities to win!

The tide has turned in Virginia due to the hard work of YRs and Republican grassroots activists of all ages who are sick of waiting for someone else to save us. This year, we have three incredible candidates for statewide office –Glenn Youngkin, Winsome Sears, and Jason Miyares who are standing up to carry our message of conservative solutions for the Commonwealth forward to voters– we have more House of Delegates candidates running then we’ve had since 1997, many of whom are Young Republicans, and the YRs are taking up the mantle of leadership in our Party because we believe Virginia looks best in red! 

We aren’t just the future of the GOP, we’re the GOP today, standing firm as your candidates, your party leadership, your grassroots activists, and much more. We are excited to hit the ground running this year so that we can usher in a Red Wave across our Commonwealth.

As a board, we have committed to building the Republican Party we want to see in Virginia for ourselves and for the generations after us.

We Promise

  • To work with Republicans of all ages to fight for our Party and our Candidates
  • To develop leaders capable of moving the Party forward
  • To recruit and train candidates who will defend our principles
  • To plan for the future and our path back to victory
  • To work hard and win ground where ever we can
  • To build coalitions across factional lines within the Republican Party
  • To step up and lead wherever there is a need or find someone who can
  • To GROW the Republican Party through outreach and recruitment
  • To be a resource for those unwilling to let Virginia stay blue

It’s a long road back to victory, but we’re not scared to march forward. Join us, and together we will win!

For Victory,

Jessi Blakely, YRFV State Chairman

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