Virginia Young Republicans Celebrate LGBT Pride

RICHMOND, VA On June 30th, the Young Republican Federation of Virginia (YRFV) approved a resolution celebrating LGBT Pride Month and welcoming LGBT individuals into the Republican Party. The resolution was introduced by Evan Draim, YRFV 10th District Representative, and passed on a vote of 19-5. The full text of the resolution is included below:

Young Republican Federation of Virginia
Celebrating Pride 2018 Resolution

Whereas June is widely recognized as LGBT Pride Month, promoting equality and acceptance for members of the LGBT community; and

Whereas the Republican Party is committed to the individual liberty and wellbeing of every American, including LGBT citizens, and

Whereas the Virginia Republican Creed asserts “that all individuals are entitled to equal rights, justice, and opportunities and should assume their responsibilities as citizens in a free society;” and

Whereas the Republican Party recognizes that individuals should be empowered to make decisions for themselves without undue intervention from government or society; and

Whereas such freedom must include the ability of each person be who they want, to love whom they want, and to express oneself how they want; and

Whereas, LGBT Pride Month is a time to celebrate the diversity of the LGBT community, but, in the past, it has often not reflected the political diversity of the LGBT community; and

Whereas identity politics has been used to ostracize LGBT Republicans and make other LGBT citizens falsely believe that holding liberal political views is the only way to stay true to their community; and

Whereas the struggle for LGBT equality was built upon the fundamental belief that LGBT individuals must have the freedom to live their lives as they see fit; and

Whereas that same principle demands that the political freedom of LGBT individuals must also be respected,

Now be it therefore resolved that the Young Republican Federation of Virginia recognizes June as LGBT Pride month, supporting equality and acceptance for LGBT individuals; and

Be it further resolved that the Young Republican Federation of Virginia honors the individual identity of each member of the LGBT community, respecting their sexual orientation and gender identity along with all the other characteristics that together form the totality of who they are as a person; and

Be it further resolved that, in the spirit of the struggle for LGBT equality, the Young Republican Federation of Virginia emphatically rejects the premise that one’s identity as an LGBT person is contingent on holding liberal viewpoints or opinions.

Since passing this resolution, representatives for YRFV attended the Shenandoah Valley Pride Festival on July 21st and will attend other Pride events throughout the commonwealth in the months ahead. YRFV is committed to engaging with Virginians of all backgrounds and finding common ground through shared conservative principles.


Virginia Young Republicans Respond to the Violent Demonstrations in Charlottesville

RICHMOND, VA – Today, the Young Republican Federation of Virginia released the following statement in response to the violent demonstrations that occurred in the City of Charlottesville.

“Virginia’s Young Republicans are shocked and saddened by the despicable display of ignorance, hatred, and violence that occurred in our Commonwealth. On this dark day in Charlottesville, we have seen the very worst of America. While such bigotry and racism has always lingered in the shadows, it now rears its ugly head. The Ku Klux Klan, neo-Nazis, and other white nationalist groups are fueled by a dangerous philosophy that our society cannot continue to ignore. We must stand united against their hateful, divisive, and fundamentally un-American message that seeks to tear our country apart.

“We now have an opportunity to put aside partisan differences and unite behind the American and democratic principles that founded our great nation: The freedom of diverse thought and expression, the economic freedom to create a diverse market that spurs innovation and opportunities for success, and the equal protection under the law to all members of our beautifully diverse society. It is diversity that makes America great. Any group or individual who clings to a mentality of exclusivity and superiority can never truly understand what it means to be an American.

“Today, our thoughts and prayers are with the individuals who have been injured or killed in acts of deliberate violence, their families, as well as the law enforcement officers and emergency personnel who are working to restore order. As Young Republicans, as Virginians, and as Americans, we stand united behind the Charlottesville community in order to rise above hatred to create a brighter future.”


YRFV Responds to the 2017 Primary Election Results

Richmond, VA – The Young Republican Federation of Virginia released the following statement today in response to Virginia’s 2017 Republican Primary Election results.

“The Young Republican Federation of Virginia would like to congratulate Ed Gillespie, Jill Vogel, and all our local Republican nominees on their victories,” said YRFV Chairman Kishore Thota. “We would also like to thank Corey Stewart, Frank Wagner, Glenn Davis, and Bryce Reeves for running hard-fought campaigns to serve our great Commonwealth.

“The Young Republicans are proud to stand behind our united Republican ticket as we work to elect Governor Ed Gillespie, Lieutenant Governor Jill Vogel, and Attorney General John Adams this November. This is a strong, enthusiastic ticket that will lead our party to statewide victory for the first time in years and create a brighter, more prosperous future for all Virginians.

“In the days and months ahead, YRFV will work hard to turnout out a younger, more diverse voter base on behalf of these impressively innovative and solutions-oriented nominees. We are confident that together, Republicans will turn Virginia red on November 7th.”